An Author’s Viewpoint of a Booksigning

 This article started me thinking. I hate booksignings. Or I should say, I hate sitting at a table behind my books looking lonely. Talking to fans, or even just interested people, is a lot of fun.  Once I did a joint signing with a couple of writing buddies Denise Johnson and Donna Schmidt . That was fun since we could chat with each other when the signing was slow. I also benefited because I’m shy but Denise is outgoing and drew visitors for Donna and me both. But since I don’t really sell that many books during a signing, I get the feeling that I’d do better to spend my time writing.  I learned of the drive-by signing from fellow author Judi McCoy.  You simply give the store manager a call, then you stop in the store and sign all the books they have in inventory. Now that’s my kind of signing! No nervousness, no dressing up, no waiting for the next sale.  I’m sure I’ll have to do many more book-signings in my writing career, but I’m sure I’ll continue to see them as a mixed blessing.


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