I promised myself I would post several times a week.  Seems I’ve fallen behind.  Who can I blame?  Me , of course!  It’s been a busy week, with a helluva coughing/cold thrown in.  It’s some kind of bug going around my area.  My mom had a yard sale, an ordeal in itself.  Never again!  My grandson had his tonsils removed.  My washer broke down, sending me to the laundromat for an emergency wash. 

However I’m proud to say that I did continue writing.  I managed an hour+ each weekday in addition to my coffee shop meeting with some of the writers in my critique group.  We sit around a table (OUR table), pull out laptops and pound away.  Accompanied by coffee, tea, exotic brews, an occasional sweet treat and some talking.  

 Being a writer means you have to write. Regularly.  I don’t always manage the regularly part.  Writers don’t write in a vacuum though.  We have the same demands on our time as everyone.  Very few fiction writers are able to live solely on their writing income.

So why do we do it?  Passion.  Pure and simple.  We have stories churning inside us, clamoring to get out.  Or we simply have an itch to see words on paper, whether they make a story or not.

Why do we put our writing out there for others to see and judge?  Well, that’s another story.


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