Statistics on African American readers.

I wonder what your opinion is?



African-American Literature
When asked why more African-American authors haven’t crossed over into the mainstream, less than a third of African-American respondents said mainstream readers are the problem because most actively avoid reading books written by African-American authors. 35% of respondents said the books are the problem: African-American authors just don’t appeal to most Americans. The largest number of respondents, nearly two-thirds, said African-American authors have seen very little crossover success because the books are only marketed and distributed to an African-American audience.

 I would agree with the last statement. We just haven’t done a good job of marketing to the mainstream audience. Only a few mega-authors are known and sought out by the general reading public.


2 thoughts on “Statistics on African American readers.

  1. I think this is great question. When answering this question I think it is important to keep in mind that the majority of African Americans are marginalized and alienated. When looking at hierarchy of needs at what stage are the majority of African Americans, that is; Physiological Needs; Security Needs; Social Needs; Esteem Needs; Self-actualizing Needs. I think people enjoy and love any book published by Maya Angelou, Tonni Morrison and so forth but when it comes to local writers, I am not really sure. I think it depends on the subject matter and how you approach the subject matter, because you have to make the subject matter appealing to all rather than the few. Also, when writing about issues such as racism and marginalization majority of Caucasian Americans shy away from it, because of shame, guilt and some feel as if the author’s synopsis is paranoia rather than reality that is taking place on the ground. For example, James Baldwin’s Giovanni’s Room, and Richard Right’s Black Boy is a great example. The books were settle and it made you explore your sense of self and the world.


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