Who have you read lately?

My first blog interview with Brenna Lyons is a great success. If you get to chance, please go by and check out Brenna’s site. The link is on the side of this page. Also there are links for other authors. I’ve read books by most of them. They’d be well worth your time to check out.

Reading opens up the world in all kinds of different ways. Now I admit I’m not much for heavy reading, not at this time anyway. Currently I just like to relax with fun fiction. Occasionally I read nonfiction. And I’m currently doing a Bible study with a class.

I love to read. I love to find new authors I haven’t discovered before. If you’re like me, you don’t have a lot of money for books though. I understand this. Some authors resent people buying their books used because authors don’t get a royalty payment when the book is sold used or what it’s traded. However I think that’s a good way to explore new authors. But remember to support your favorite authors and buy their books when you can. Later on you can trade it to someone or you can share with a friend.

Back to Brenna. She’s definitely an interesting author with a prolific output. How does she do it? Her advice is to just get your butt in the chair and write. I’m going to work on that a little bit more, do a few pages each day. Usually what happens is I’ll be diligent for a few days and then skip several more days. And then the cycle keeps on. It’s been some time since I put out something new. I hope my readers will be patient with me. I’m happy to say there should be an anthology out early next year with one of my stories in it. Keep checking here and on my website for details.

Another part of this blog will be reviews by readers. I’d like them to be honest but not unkind. This is more of my quest to introduce readers to new authors. Come on and promote your favorites! And check back in a couple of days to find out about another author, another book.


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