Meet the Author: Denise Jeffries aka Alexis Ke

My guest this week is romance writer Denise Jeffries, author of romance suspense, Visions in the Dark and a novelette in Midnight Showcase’s breast cancer support anthology, Awareness.

Paperback Diva: Give us a brief guide to you I warn you, my website is in the process of being changed and updated.


PBDIVA: What’s your current project

Denise: I have several.  I’m writing a Christmas short story for Tease publishing that will be available via epub this holiday season.  It’s called, The Twelve Days of Christmas and my alter ego Alexis Ke is writing it so watch out.  I’m also working on book three of my St. Agnes series.  Lost in the Dark.  It will be out summer 09.  I also have a book contracted for Tease Publishing’s Tarot Card series.  Retribution.  This one is a paranormal.

PBDiva: What’s your genre and how did you choose it or have it chosen for you

Denise: I normally write romantic suspense but when I’m not normally writing it’s fantasy or paranormal.  My stories chose me.  They just pop into my mind when I’m people watching, sleeping or just being me.

PBDiva: What advice do you give the writers about rejection letters?

Denise: Celebrate them.  When you get a rejection letter it only means, not yet.  Several factors may go into it.  The publisher had something else in mind that day.  Who knows, maybe the publisher is having a bad day or getting ready to make some serious changes and it won’t fit or they didn’t want it sitting around if they aren’t going to be there.  What you have to do is continue to send it out and don’t stop until you find the right house.  Also, look at your work and make sure you are doing it right. The right format, the right grammar and mechanics, a compelling query letter.  Everything has to be right. Never fool yourself to think your project is perfect.  Trust me it isn’t.  There’s not a perfect one out there.  Make your ms the best it can be and get it out there.  Don’t let a rejection letter stop you.

PBDiva:  Tell us about your writing place. Which is your favorite? What would you change about it if you could? Do you always write in the same spot all the time, or do you roam from room to room, area to area as the mood strikes?

Denise: My favorite writing space is my dining room table.  No reason except it’s huge. I can spread out.  I have an office in my home that’s just mine but I tend to get distracted there.  It’s kind of busy right now.  When my critique/writing buddies get together at Starbucks that’s a great place too because I can bounce ideas off of them but lots of time we spend 50 percent of the time, gabbing. Hey, we’re girls.  What can I say.

 PBDiva: Describe the “perfect” hero? What about the “perfect” hero for you? 

Denise: There is not perfect hero.  My favorite hero must have traits like, chivalry and inner strength but he must also have weaknesses.  He’s got to be able to melt the heroine with just a smile but at the same time if she’s in danger he can snap the enemies neck.  Okay, so I like killing people.  It’s my signature.  I’m a wild ride of romance and intrigue.  Looks are important but only to the heroine.  She’s got to see him as the possible one for her.  My hero has to be able to handle his business and get things done. 

 PBDiva: What is this romance writer’s idea of the “perfect romantic evening”?

Denise: This is hard.  I don’t think there’s a perfect romantic evening.  It’s what the story needs when the story needs it.  It’s not all about the bubble bath or gourmet dinner.  It’s about the connection between the characters at the time.  This is what makes it perfect.

 PBDiva: Whose writing do you admire most?

Denise: I love reading J.D. Robb and Susanne Brockman and Bridget Midway and anybody who can write a good story and keep me turning the pages.  I’ve learned a lot just from reading romance books. I love growing with other writers.



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