Plus Size Heroines

I’m working on a list of romances with Heroines who, like me, pack on a few more pounds than the ‘ideal’ model. I think it’s important to recognize the voluptuous nature of love. If you know of a book like that, please list it below  in the comments. The heroine doesn’t need to be having problems with weight issues but the hero does have to find her incredibly sexy the way she is!

Here’s a website that has some books (including my Who’s That Lady?) but it hasn’t been updated in a loooong time.
And here’s a book which one of my pals on Twitter recommended. Michele Ann Young’s No Regrets (from Kimber Chin 

Thanks for your help. Let’s show the world what it’s all about!


9 thoughts on “Plus Size Heroines

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  2. I just read “Running Wild” by Sarah McCarty… it was a good read, recommended by a friend. A little on the sexy/graphic side, so don’t read if you blush easily 😛 Anyway, it has 3 books in one and the second story is about a plus-sized woman and a very sexy hunk!


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