Thursday 13: Tasks I hate to do


13 Tasks I hate to do.


1.      Laundry. sorting, loading, unloading, folding, putting away.

2.      Dishes. a never ending thankless task.

3.      Scrub the toilet bowl. need I say more?

4.      Choosing what to wear each day. I have 3 sizes of clothing in my closet, and hardly any of it matches.

5.      Commuting. thank God I don’t presently have to do any major commuting, but it’s a boring, frustrating job.

6.      Decluttering. something I’m WAY behind on. My garage is packed, my enclosed back porch, a tool shed, and various corners in various rooms.

7.      Medicine. remember to reorder and pick up refills, the twice daily ingestion, the worry.

8.      Calling creditors. Not only credit cards, but utilities, phone companies, all that stuff.

9.      Talking to morons. This goes with the above but can also happen while at work, at play or just minding my own business.

10.   Filing. I currently have a box of stuff that needs to be filed, especially since its tax time.

11.   Filing tax returns.

12.   Shopping. That’s why the state of my closets and drawers is such a disaster.

13.   Grocery shopping. Why are there so many decisions to make? And the total at the check out always gives me hives.

NEXT WEEK: 13 Tasks I love (or at least don’t mind)


3 thoughts on “Thursday 13: Tasks I hate to do

  1. Yeah, I always feel like some kind of freak when I decline a shopping trip with a friend. It’s only clothes I feel that way about. And groceries. I love shopping for office supplies, furniture, home decor, craft supplies (when I used to have time for crafts.) But clothes–uugggh.


  2. I can so relate with you here 🙂 I also hate shopping (especially for shoes!!) — I heard women are suppose to like shopping. Which is why I’m glad I’m not a “women”.


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