Thursday 13: Tasks I Like (Or at least don’t mind doing)

Last week, it was tasks I hate. This week I present 13 tasks I like (or at least don’t mind doing.)



1.        Browsing social networking venues on the internet. This includes email, Twitter, blogs, yahoo Groups, other social groups. Takes up way too much time but I can’t resist the call.

2.        Buying office supplies. I like having a well-stocked office.

3.        Babysitting the grandchildren. Need I say more?

4.        Preparing for and driving to the monthly writer’s meeting

5.        Working on my computer at a coffee shop of café. The ambience is restful but energizing. All the people around you working or socializing. Sometimes I’m with friends, other times alone. Both situations are equally stimulating.

6.        Blogging. I like unfolding material that may interest readers.

7.        Dusting furniture. It looks so sparkly and new with a polished surface and any ornaments neatly arranged. Unfortunately my family and I are the type to pile letters, gloves, glasses, etc., on any handy surface.

8.        Vacuuming. What an easy way to make a room look ‘kempt’!

9.        Straighten bookcases. I usually find something good to read.

10.     Decluttering. Throwing or giving away some of the junk I seem to collect.

11.     Story outlining for my writing. Not a detailed outline, but I like to see the proposed structure of my story.

12.     Revisions of my writing. Actually writing the story is like pulling my fingernails out by the roots, but revising the first rough draft, seeing the story take shape, is a pleasure.

13.     Furniture shopping. Something about cruising through furniture and decorative accessories stores lifts my spirits even though I’m somehow never able to duplicate the look in my own home.



11 thoughts on “Thursday 13: Tasks I Like (Or at least don’t mind doing)

  1. I can totally relate with the first 6 items on your list – I can open an office supply store with all the (unused but loved) office supplies I’ve collected so far. I also sort everything – CDs, DVDs, books, even my magazines…
    But I absolutely hate cleaning. And because I tend to collect (read: hoard) “stuff” – well, things can get kinda hairy around here, LOL!

    And you are the first person to clearly explain that feeling when trying to write something. I’ve never managed to finish something (due to that dull throbbing where my fingernails used to be), but maybe I should just suck it up and get to the revision part. Oh I hate pain!


  2. Great list! I never mind buying office supplies, browsing my lists or straightening book shelves or drawers. They usually get the creative energy flowing in one way or another.


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