Thursday Thirteen: 13 Reasons I’d Like to be a heroine in my book


Did you ever wish you could be a heroine in a book? Part of being an author is creating heroes and heroines that I love so my readers will love them too. My book Hand in Glove is about the ancient Staff of the Nakisisi is supposed to have religious and magical properties.  Victor Santiago has agreed to recover the stolen artifact for his old mentor.  Victor’s Afro-Latin good looks and cool manner are used to shield his unquenchable loneliness. His inquiries lead him to a wealthy gigolo, a voodoo priestess and an eccentric professor.  His search is further complicated by the volatile attraction between him and Ty McAllister.  Ty’s plain business suits disguise a soul of passionate tumult and a heart longing for acceptance.  Suspicion, lies, ambition, and murder can’t thwart the potent magnetism between these two.  Neither of them believes in the voodoo attributed to the Staff, but something unexplainable is going on.


Ty just came in and kind of took over her story as I was writing it. Now here are 13 reasons I’d like to be my heroine, Ty McAllister


I wish I could be Tyson McAllister because… 

1.      Her efficient demeanor disguises a soul of passionate tumult

2.      She is strong and focused on her career.

3.      She’s loyal to her little sister, and later to the hero, with a devotion that shines.

4.      She works as a television producer for a talk show. I think that would be so cool!

5.      She gets that sexy Victor Santiago who’s just as focused as she is.

6.      Being loved by a man so intense, with such emotional pools in his soul.

7.      She’s courageous. Not unafraid, which is something different, I believe. There is plenty to scare her in this book but she faces it all and deals with it without whining.

8.      Speaking of whining–or lack of it–she survived an abusive childhood but has put it past her without living the life of a victim.

9.      She’s resourceful. Sometimes unconventional in getting her desires, but she figures out a way.

10.   She gets that rock Victor gives her for their phony engagement! Ty is reluctant to accept such a valuable gift from a man she has no intention of actually marrying. But still… I’d like to wear it for a little while. Two strands of gold, yellow and white, twisted around one another to flaunt seven brilliant, perfect diamonds.

11.   She gets to make love in the back of a limousine. I’ve always dreamed of that. Forget the tiny airplaine bathroom–this is luxury!

12.   Ty doesn’t wait for someone else to rescue her. She’s creative and brave.

13.   She could be a little bit psychic. Ty refuses to believe it, but I’d love to feel connected to some ancient power.



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11 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen: 13 Reasons I’d Like to be a heroine in my book

  1. I often get lost in my novels those I read as well as the ones I write. Glad to hear I’m not the only one. Brenda, let me know the details and I can make sure your library gets a copy of the book.


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