What’s your favorite type of hero?

There are certain tried and true tropes for romance heroes. The Bad Boy or Troubled Hero is one of my favorites. Of course, there are many varieties of that. No one can say romance novels are all the same with the infinite possibilities of combinations. Here are some I’ve identified. Can you come up with more? Let me know in the comments section and I’ll keep updating the list. Also, if you have a title that fits the model, please let us know!libraryshelves.jpg

Warriors and Killers

  • Assassin
  • Modern soldier (SEAL, SWAT)
  • Historical soldier
  • Futuristic Soldier
  • Invisible Man type/disavowed spy or killer

Inner Torment

  • Widower/tormented hero
  • Made huge, damaging mistake in the past
  • Abusive childhood
  • Wrongly accused/convicted (trying to right a wrong)
  • Physically damaged or handicapped
  • Mind problems (like amnesia, PTSD, bipolar, etc)

Lawman or protector

  • Policeman
  • Historical lawman (sheriff, marshal, etc)
  • Fireman or other dangerous job (like first responders)
  • Private investigator (could be professional detective or not)
  • Professional investigator (detective, CSI, etc)
  • Bodyguard/Protector
  • Spy


  • Criminal (thief, con artist, etc)
  • Kidnapper
  • Pirate
  • Gunslinger
  • Recluse/hermit (by his own choice)
  • Outcast (from society)
  • Seducer/womanizer

Man of Power

  • Head of state (Royalty, president, premier, etc.)
  • Nobility (duke, count, marquis, compte, etc.)
  • Mega wealthy lifestyle
  • Corporate raider

Everyday Guy

  • Blue collar rough guy(works with his hands and body)
  • Biker or wanderer
  • White collar professional (doctor, lawyer, journalist, scientist, etc.)
  • Cowboy

Extraordinary Guy

  • Performing artist
  • Athlete
  • Genius
  • Genetically-enhanced or altered hero (powers are not magical but scientific)


  • Vampire
  • Shape shifter
  • Demon or Angel
  • Sorcerer/Wizard/Magician
  • Other mythical being
  • Other paranormal creature

Science fiction

  • Apocalyptic/dystopian survivor
  • Time-Traveler
  • Superhero (caped crime fighter with powers)
  • Psychic/Telekinetic Abilities
  • Time travel
  • Steampunk
  • Space traveler
  • Alien species


  • Viking
  • Highlander
  • Regency
  • Medieval


  • Master or slave

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