From a work in progress


So they’re going forward quickly. It’s the point where he’s supposed to leave them.


What do they need from each other?


He feels lonely and like he lets people down.


She feels like a sexless, rational being. She needs him to make her feel feminine and alive. She sees him as a distraction.


He sees himself not being able to help her.


He is driven to help her. she makes him feel less lonely.


He makes her feel feminine and beautiful. But they each have to do what needs to be done. He has to find his sister. He can’t let himself be happy until he knows his sister is safe.




At the saloon they could have a shootout. She starts fussing about the .


Bd comes after her, angry with her about the way she’s throwing herself into another confrontation. He carries her out.


“You don’t have to keep rescusing me.”


“I’m not goig to leave you to suffer the consequences of your big mouth.”




He pressed her against the wall with his body. “Promise me, you’ll take care of yourself when I’m gone, Camilla.”


“BD, I do what I have to do.”


He makes love to her.


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