nikki hale

Cheryl/nikki is a fine writer as well as good friend. Her real life is almost as exciting as those she puts on paper. Her interview below will be one you’ll enjoy. And in case you think I’m slipping in my grammar, let me assure you that nikki hale is supposed to be all in lower case. That’s because nikki is a true original.

Andrea, thanks for interviewing me and nikki today.  My name is Cheryl Bonner and I write romantic paranormal, fantasy/science fiction and suspense.  I’ve been writing or making up stories since first grade. I wrote my first television and a screenplay at the age of fourteen.  The TV script was good.  It involved characters from a popular show.  If I’m lucky, the paper utilized in creating the masterpiece has been used as cat litter.

  1. nikki isn’t afraid to tackle things I wouldn’t think of trying to write as Cheryl.

I have two novellas out.  Unexpected Truths is in Merlicious III, published by Midnight Showcase.  I’m in the anthology with a bunch of great ladies who are terrific writers. This was my first story published. In Unexpected Truths, Neptune sends his best mer-enforcer Nick Sirius to teach paranormal writer Jessie York that merfolk are nothing like her stories. This is a story written under the Cheryl imprint.

Kunzite Crystals was the second novella I had published.  The story was also published by Midnight Showcase.  In Kunzite Crystals, guided by her father’s knowledge of crystals, Peri Royale and Stone Zite will learn that love has no boundaries or become a madman’s victims.

Where to find you on the web

My alter ego nikki hale web site is

What’s your current project?

I’m working on a follow up story to Kunzite Crystals.  The heroine’s brother is missing on an alien planet. It’s hard to ignore someone that sits in your office space demanding that I write his story. Cheyenne Royale is a difficult person to understand, but an easy person to love.  So I’ve matched him with an alien heroine. Cheyenne wasn’t happy about the love match.  He’s fight with me now about L’aleta, his heroine.

I’m also working on another paranormal dealing with dragons.

What’s your genre and how did you choose it or did it choose you?

Currently, I’m writing paranormal or fantasy romantic fiction.  I didn’t choose the genre for myself.  I liked reading paranormal and fantasy/science fiction or all types.  When I started writing, I found that normal human beings could do what I needed them to do without getting killed or dying.  So I enjoy making super human type people live on the edge.

Was there a special moment that told you “I’m a writer”?

Yes, I won a high school writing contest.  I was given the opportunity to work with a newspaper reporter and help create a newspaper section for a major newspaper.  I really enjoyed the experience.

Name the three qualities you think a good writer must possess. Which do you think you have?

The three qualities that a writer must have are 1) faith in themselves and their stories; 2) ability to learn new things about the craft of writing; and 3) commitment to see projects completed.  I’m still working on 1 and 3.  I amaze myself when I go back a read an old short story or a scene.  The writing is tight and really good.  The hardest thing to learn is how to complete projects.  I’m working very hard on that this year.

Tell us about your writing place. Which is your favorite? What would you change about it if you could? Do you always write in the same spot all the time, or do you roam from room to room, area to area as the mood strikes?

I’ve written at Starbucks, Barnes and Noble, Borders, IHop, airports, and park benches.  My favorite place to write is my office space.  I’ve painted three of the four walls a color that reminds my children of sunshine.  The fourth wall is chocolate color.  You can’t write without chocolate.  This way I’m never without it.  When I’m in the room writing, the cat and two dogs like to keep my company.  It’s a nice place to relax and write.  Occasionally the dining room table is the best place to write.

Seems like we have some things in common.


Describe the “perfect” hero?

My perfect hero is someone who tries to keep the heroine safe.  He can have blond, black or brown hair.  He can be tall or short.  The color of his eyes doesn’t matter.  What matters the most is he loves the heroine and wants her to be happy.

When you’re reading someone else’s books, what about a man is a turnoff and why?

I can’t stand whining men.

lol! Me either, Cheryl!

Name some authors whose writing you admire most? And why?

This is really a hard question.  I have lots of authors I love to read.  I read them because I like the characters.  Give me a really good character and I can’t put the book down.

Don’t forget to check out nikki’s website for more about upcoming books and happenings.


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