TV: where does all my time go?

Thanks to a Netflix subscription, my TV addiction is getting worse. Now I’m catching up on shows I missed when they were first on.Tropical island, Thailand
Lost. Whoa! I had a totally wrong notion of what this show was all about. I didn’t know it was like the ‘mysterious island of monsters and miracles’. That’s my impression halfway through season 1. I’m loving it. Can’t wait to find out about some more of the survivors’ histories.

???????The Walking Dead. I watched Season 1 and 2 and am now watching season 4 on the regular cable. This is one of my guilty ‘secrets’. Because it’s just so gross and so full of really cheesy stereotypes. I love the war between the Governor and Rick’s group at the prison. Will Rick hold on to his sanity? Will someone else take over? That kid of his annoys me. Some viewers consider him the only sane person in the group though. Haha!
Those zombie “pets” of Michonne’s, and now Andrea, are so gross–that I’m sure they’ll be brought back at some point by the writers.
I’d like to see the Spanish speaking family again as well as the group Rick kicked out of the prison. Though they must have some doubts about Rick after his little outburst.Pharmacist Pouring Pills into Bottle>Do you think anyone in this apocalyptic world is still drug addicted? You know, hard stuff like crack or pharmaceuticals. I guess that anyone into heavy drugs probably wouldn’t last long.

galaxyI used to watch Star Trek Voyager back in the day but missed a number of critical episodes. Now I’m filling in those gaps in the storyline in my head. Never watched Star Trek Deep Space 9 but I feel like I should to fill out my star trek knowledge. (What a scholar, right?) I still don’t like it. But I’m plowing through. I don’t like Star Trek Enterprise either, but I can’t make myself watch it.

Watching White Collar too to fill in pieces of the story line over the past few years.Formally Dressed Man Holding Hat and Leaping into Air

Netflix rocks!


2 thoughts on “TV: where does all my time go?

  1. I know what you mean. Thanks to Netflix, I’m watching Felicity and Deep Space 9, which I missed the first time around. Lost is also on my “to watch” list.


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