The Face of Money – Philadelphia Tour

I’m visiting the freaking fantastic city of Philadelphia for 2 days. Seriously, I love it here. Downtown anyway. We are a couple of blocks from Love Park so the streets are filled with historic landmarks, funky bistros, diverse restaurants, eye-catching statues, architecturally striking buildings, street vendors and musicians, tourists, natives… more. Keep in mind I’m a suburban child. From the moment I set foot off the Metro, I was charmed. I could stay here forever. And I’d lose weight I know. I’ve walked more in the last day than I have for the past year.  Despite aching legs and feet, I feel great!

Yesterday we visited, among other things, a lesser known museum memorializing Wells Fargo’s history. We were among a handful of people browsing some cool displays. One of the souvenirs was getting your picture put on a replica of Civil War money.

I look good!

Too bad I can’t print real money. I need more So I could travel all the time.  wells fargo money face

Take a seat inside.

Take a seat inside.

I loved the stagecoach too. This opened up the American West in a big way. Check out a passenger’s description:

“A through-ticket and 15 inches of seat, with a fat man on one side, a poor widow on the other, a baby in your lap, a bandbox over your head, and three or more persons immediately in front, leaning against your knees, making the picture, as well as your sleeping place, for the trip.”

Today we are taking a trolley tour of the city. I’ll make another post.  Philly tour. City Hall.


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