Should you write ethnicity as a response?


Here`s the thing, I write romance. I-write-romance. But even in romance the ethnicity of characters are an issue. Now, one can easily point to history. You can point to the fact that there are more ‘white’ (I use the word because it`s easy) authors in the world than ‘black’ (again it`s easy). Oh and of course in romance writing circles. Of course the latter becomes irrelevant in African countries and countries where ‘black’ people are represented. But here`s another thing, I can only write with authority on South African romance writers and books.


As someone who grew up on the typical South African Afrikaans story where some farm or other is involved and blond leggy girls with wavy hair, and handsome rugged land barons’ features, I can safely say a book with clear ethnic distinctions never crossed my hands. And when I refer to such a book I mean; the main…

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