We can help change the world!

diversechildreThis week begins the #weneeddiversebooks campaign on line. It is aimed mostly at young people’s books, getting more into the libraries and stores and into schools. I don’t think kids these days go to school or live in neighborhoods with only one race. One race may be dominant in your neighborhood, but you need only step outside your door to see all kinds of people. They are your friends, coworkers, neighbors, associates. Why on earth do books so overwhelmingly whitewash the fictional world?

You don’t have to be a minority person to love books with more characters that look like the real world. I’m trying to make this blog a place where you can learn about books and other media that feature people of various skin colors, sizes, cultures, lifestyles, and other differences. We concentrate more on Fantasy, paranormal, and science fiction, and have mostly works for adults. But we certainly want to encourage young people’s reading.

Today is officially the last day. But for the sake of this campaign, #weneeddiversebooks, please go on your social media and share links, books and thoughts about diversity. Below are some links. Later in the week, I’ll post some books that are highly recommended for young people. We’ll also look at the world of manga and anime.


Higher Education Books – DiverseBooks.net


Diversity Book Lists – Goodreads


Amazon.com: Children’s Books with Diverse Families 


SCBWI | We Need Diverse Books!


Multi- Cultural Children’s Literature

Books for Teaching About Cultural Diversity | Scholastic.com




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