IT’S A FAMILY AFFAIR: How A Black Family From Chi-Town Made Me A Steamfunkateer!

Reading is fun!

Chronicles of Harriet


The Wild, Wild, WestMy journey to becoming an author began at the age of four at the feet of my mother, who would enjoin me to sit with her and watch two of her favorite television shows – The Wild, Wild West and Get Smart. These two brilliantly crafted shows would have a strong influence on what and how I wrote.

I was also strongly influenced by comic books.

Fam 2My sisters, for some odd reason believing I was intelligent, took it upon themselves to teach me to read at two years of age. They brought a stack of Archie, Beatle Bailey, Richie Rich and – thankfully – Thor, Batman and Spider-Man – comic books to my room, placed them beside me on my bed and said “It’s time for you to learn to read.”

Always the good little brother, I shrugged and said “Okay.”

I didn’t know what…

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