10 Things Paranormal Romance Readers Would Like To See

A very brief perusal of discussions on sites like Goodreads will give authors a good idea of what readers are hungry for.

  1. Dreams. They can go a lot of ways, like foretelling, alternate worlds, astral projection, etc.
  2. About aliens on earth.
  3. I’m fond of characters with extra or enhanced senses. They can feel or see things that others can’t, or are more in tune with the world.
  4. My favorites are stories that are original but realistic, with just enough magic in it to make it interesting
  5. Shifters other than werewolves.
  6. Other magical creatures and realities. Like revenants, Selkies, fae, mermaids, djinn, the far-eastern and African mythological creatures. There are a lot of world mythologies out there besides the same, tired old European ones.
  7. Based on the 7 deadly sins; perhaps a series?
  8. Fairy Tale, Cyborg, and/or Alien Romances
  9.  Angel-themed paranormal romance
  10. Asian and other racial main characters



4 thoughts on “10 Things Paranormal Romance Readers Would Like To See

  1. Bookmarking this list and post! I have an action packed cyborg romance that’s kind of inspired by Masamune Shirow’s Appleseed and Neil B’s Yellow in the works. Now that I know readers are looking for it, I may move it up my production schedule. 🙂

    Thanks for posting this, Andrea!


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