About me

–    andrea_004-160x209 My name is AndreaJackson. I call myself the Paperback Diva because I love reading, as well as, writing genre paperback fiction. I grew up as an Army brat and then married an Army guy. I’ve had the opportunity to live in some interesting places in the United States as well as Europe, which gives me fodder for my writing ideas. I once had all kinds of hobbies, but I don’t seem to have time for them anymore.  When I’m not writing, I spend time with friends and family, including 5 children and six grandchildren,

–     I wish I could say I spend time every day reading my Bible. However, I don’t have trouble finding time to connect to God. As a natural part of my regular routine, I chat, ask for help, or thank Him for my blessings during my activities all day long.

From the third grade on, I had a book in my hand. When I reached my teen years, I began to venture into creating stories for my friends. I continued to write off and on through many years of work, marriage and family. But I did not seriously think of it as a career until, in 1992, I entered Writer’s Digest monthly contest and won. That made me believe I might actually be a real writer. I joined Romance Writers of America and learned about the business and craft of writing.
In 2002, I entered the Heart and Soul contest for the Romance Slam Jam conference. I placed third or fourth.  That year an editor from Genesis Press was one of the final round judges. Almost immediately after the conference, I shot a query off to Genesis, noting my position in the Slam Jam contest. And they bought it. Bodyguard was followed by Hand in Glove and Who’s That Lady?



E. Ayers swears there’s a fine line between authorship and insanity as characters come alive, and strongly believes that you can’t write about a character until you know how they drink their coffee. Visit www.ayersbooks.com and read a free novella.