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Reading Diverse Speculative Fiction by Andrea Johnson

I found a blog recently that details the writer’s search for some global science fiction with diverse characters.

to quote:

quote openThere’s been a lot of talk lately about reading more diverse speculative fiction. And we should be talking about diversity, we should be seeking out more diverse titles, authors, and experiences. Depending on who you are and what you are looking for, a more diverse reading list could include more authors of color, more non-Anglo authors, more authors out of your usual reading list, or simply reading outside your usual subgenres..close quote


What’s your perfect hero like?

man-61What’s your idea of the perfect hero? What turns you off? Here’s what 13 authors have answered.



Describe the “perfect” hero ? What about the “perfect” hero for you?

Eliza Knight The perfect hero is a man who takes care of himself and others.  He is strong, handsome, witty–a bit alpha at times, but with the right heroine can see the errors of his ways.  He’s charming, sensual, caring and amazing in bed.  

 Hmm…the perfect hero for me…All of the above


 Laurie Sanders  I like very dominant men as heroes (both in books and in reality), but being the dominant comes with a lot of responsibility for the submissive. I like my heroes to be dominant…but not selfishly so. I like the hero to use his dominance, the power the submissive grants him, to make things good for her.

 Rochelle Weber For me, the perfect hero is a guy-next-door who manages to cope with what’s put in front of him. He’s warm, funny and honest and he won’t break a mirror but he’s not an Adonis, either. He’s “one of those guys” like Harrison Ford—equally able to build a shack, cook Sunday brunch, change a baby and fix a car.


 Janet Lane Walters Hard question, but I’ll try to answer. I do not think there is a perfect hero. Each hero I create is invented for that book and there are certain criteria I follow. I use Astrology to create my characters. Not a complete chart but Sun, Moon and Ascendant. Giving form to the hero’s inner self, emotional self and the self he shows the world. Thus he becomes a layered character with both strengths and weaknesses. A hero needs both. Since I’ve been married for fifty years to the same man, I guess he would be my perfectly imperfect hero.


 Megan Hussey: I love funny, sensitive men who are gorgeous inside and out; compelling eyes, muscles, smooth hair, the whole package.


 Aliyah Burke  Strong, proud, not afraid to stand up for his woman, understanding, good sense of humor.

 jj Keller Honest communicator. Considerate. Sexy. Handsome. Supportive.


When you’re reading someone else’s books, what about a man is a turnoff and why?
 Laura Kitchell   A man who refuses to make a decision or who gives up the fight to walk away from the black moment makes me want to throw a book against a wall.


Judi Fennell  I don’t know that there’s anything specific I can point to. It depends on the story. Sometimes I read a character that I wouldn’t think I’d like and the author does such a brilliant job that he/she does make me fall in love with that character. Then there are the stories where all the elements should work for me but just don’t for some reason


Andrea Jackson  He’s self-confident, strong, yet gentle. He has a sense of humor. He makes me melt to look into his sexy eyes.


My real life hero

 Dyanne Davis Bill loves me and makes me laugh. He makes me feel young and he even makes me feel skinny.  You’ve seen me so you know this is a feat. We’re such a part of each other lives and have been together since we were both young and skinny.


What is this romance writer’s idea of the “perfect romantic evening?”
 Ayn Amorelli aka Ayn Hunt   When my husband and I first started dating, he took me to a tiny, candlelit Italian restaurant, which quickly became our favorite. It’s so small, you’ll miss it if you blink, and it’s clear out in the boonies. But I love going there on our wedding anniversaries. We always have one of their specialties which they make from scratch along with a little vino, listening to Italian songs (which I don’t understand, since I don’t speak Italian), but I love that place. It has just the right mood, conducive to romance.


Nancy O’Berry A warm summer’s evening, walking along the beach just as the sun goes down. Listening to the waves rise and fall on the sand and feeling the warm breeze kiss your cheeks. You don’t have to talk, just hold hands and enjoy the fact that you are together.


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