Where’s the Diversity, Hollywood? 85 Years of the Academy Awards

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The Academy Awards will soon unveil the very best in filmmaking in 2014. As the prediction chatter ricochets around the web, our curiosity about the level of racial and gender representation of the Academy Awards is the focus of our next Diversity Gap study. We reviewed the Academy’s entire 85-year history and the results were staggeringly disappointing, if not surprising in light of our past Diversity Gap studies of The Tony AwardsThe Emmy Awardsthe children’s book industry, The New York Times Top 10 Bestseller List, and US politics, where we analyzed multi-year samplings and found a disturbingly consistent lack of diversity.

Academy Award infographic Academy Award infographic (click for larger image)

Since the Academy Awards was founded 85-years ago:

  • Only one woman of color (1%) has ever won the Academy Award for Best Actress
  • Only seven men of color (9%) have ever won the Academy Award for…

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The Charm City

0e44463c-7a8e-33ec-ad5e-fc15485de780inner harborOur Baltimore visit

A free bus? What? Takes you all over downtown? Really? Right down the street? You’re kidding!


Do I sound like a yokel? Well I certainly looked and sounded like one in Baltimore. But it was a novelty to me, having a bus pick me up and deposit me no more than a few blocks from my desired destination. Once , right on the doorstep! Baltimore was the last stop on our trip so we were tired though we now had experience slinging those heavy suitcases around. But we’d decided to indulge ourselves and get a taxi.

While trying to decide how to get one big enough for all five of us and our luggage, a stranger in the terminal asked why we didn’t get the circulator. He patiently explained where to go and assured us that we didn’t have to pay a thing and that we wouldn’t have to wait long. We thanked him profusely. He turned around and thanked us for not treating him like a pariah. I had suspected but didn’t want to make an assumption, that he was a bum. He wasn’t overtly raggedy or dirty. And he spoke very nicely. I’m sure there was a sad story there but we didn’t stay to hear it. Gave him money for a cup of coffee and left to catch our bus.

There was another nice lady, dressed very professionally, who was equally nice. Did I say we looked like yokels? lol. Well, it’s hard not to when you’re dragging suitcases,  double checking street signs, huddling the children, asking everyone ‘what color line is this’, and other yokel-y things. Another working class guy, helped us wrestle our extra bags on the bus, and we got additional reassurance from the driver that indeed this line goes right past our hotel. Unfortunately, the lady from our stop got hassled by a more stereotypical drunken bum on the seat beside her. But a nice young student type ordered him to stop it and he got off at the next stop. The lady shrugged it aside as a part of city life.

I guess that shows you can’t take anything for granted. Except the Charm City Circulator. We used it a couple of times during our 2 days in Baltimore and it was always dependable and easy to use. Great for workers as well as tourists.

Museums in Philadelphia

You know by now that Philadelphia is one of my favorite cities. Here are some more pictures from my recent trip..

franklin-institute-philadelphia-2-600 This is the Franklin Institute of Science.A huge statue of Ben Franklin seated in a chair sits out front. The museum claims to be one of the top 100 places to take your family.” It has so many activities for adults and kids alike to participate in. It’s definitely a hands-on kind of place. The electricity room was a favorite display, of course, where they could absorb a charge and shock one another. (Favorite place for many judging by the squeals and laughter.) But mine and their favorite of all was the planetarium show. There’s also the Giant Walk-through Heart, the Train Factory, a Flight simulator, and an IMAX theater for a little extra money.

philadelphia-museum-of-art-600The Philadelphia Museum of Art is another place I could immerse myself in for days.  I am by no means an art scholar or connoisseur. I do have some favorite works and artists from various eras. This museum gave me thrills and an emotional high. It contains over 200,000 works from all over the world. Not just pictures, but also statuary, furniture, and objects of all kinds. I really like the weapons rooms—appeals to the romance author in me. The museum is beautiful, huge, inspiring, soothing, educational.