Whoa! Writer’s Block

Have I been working on this freaking story this long???  Well, I’m moving along well right now. In fact my recent trip inspired my juices. So hopefully it won’t be too long until the 2nd in the ‘cat shifter’ series (under the pen name of Simone Eden) is ready for publication.



The Double-Decker Bus tour of Philadelphia’s City Center

The Philadelphia big bus pass. A card which gives you access to a hop on hop off tour bus. Free entry to lots of sites of interest and discounts at other places and eateries.

I visited:

  • Christ Church Burial Ground. Tossed our pennies on Ben Franklin’s grave; I guess it’s supposed to be good luck or something.
  • philadelphia-museum-of-art-600Philadelphia Museum of Art . I am by no means an art scholar or connoisseur. I do have some favorite works and artists from various eras. This museum gave me thrills and an emotional high. It contains over 200,000 works from all over the world. Not just pictures, but also statuary, furniture, and objects of all kinds. I really like the weapons rooms—appeals to the romance author in me. I am not impressed by all the Rocky movie references (Tsteps? They have a statue of him at the bottom and dozens of tourists posing with their arms in the air at the top), but the museum is beautiful, huge, inspiring, soothing, educational.
  • Eastern State Penitentiary. Known for its gothic architecture and strict discipline, it was the world’s first true penitentiary, designed to inspire true penitence in the prisoners. In 1829, it was a step up from jail norms and was the most expensive prison of it’s time. I guess it was partly the weather (cold and cloudy) but I was depressed by its grimness.  (Can’t imagine how it was to live there for two or three years.) You get earphones and a player with voices of a narrator and some actual inmates to tour at your own pace. The cells are so small and dismal. The people who created it had such righteous intentions but it just seems horrible now. Even some of their contemporaries criticized the principles of solitude and silence. I bet these memories may help me with descriptions and/or atmosphere in my writing someday.
  • franklin-institute-philadelphia-2-600Franklin Institute – A huge statue of Ben Franklin seated in a chair sits out front. The museum claims to be one of the top 100 places to take your family.” It has so many activities for adults and kids alike to participate in. It’s definitely a hands-on kind of place. The electricity room was a favorite display, of course, where they could absorb a charge and shock one another. (Favorite place for many judging by the squeals and laughter.) But mine and their favorite of all was the planetarium show. There’s also the Giant Walk-through Heart, the Train Factory, a Flight simulator, and an IMAX theater for a little extra money.
  • art-on-city-hall-600 phillyCity Hall Observation Deck.  I felt like I was on top of the world! I usually don’t ‘do’ heights. But this was worth the tiny, ratchety, slow elevator ride to get 500 and some feet above the city and walk the deck. You see the city laid out in William Penn’s symmetrical plan, teeming with life and movement, modern architecture mixing with the historical. View from the top.
Not very flattering but I was having fun.

Not very flattering but it was cold and sunny.

I need help with tech!

Image representing Facebook as depicted in Cru...

Image via CrunchBase

A friend asked about ‘clouds’ the other day. After thinking about it I realized I don’t really know what that means. I realized that I’m getting left behind about what’s what on social media anyway. I like to fool around with some things but have no clue about others and I don’t know what’s important for writers. I love Pinterest, loathe Facebook. Don’t understand Google+ or Triberr. Don’t know what the hell Linked in is supposed to be good for. Just got an Android phone and wondering what apps I need with that. I have an old, slow lap top and ready to buy a desktop.

So I’m coming to you smart ladies. What do you use? What do you think we should be using? Where do I go for answers???? *clutching head and screeching painfully**

From a work in progress


So they’re going forward quickly. It’s the point where he’s supposed to leave them.


What do they need from each other?


He feels lonely and like he lets people down.


She feels like a sexless, rational being. She needs him to make her feel feminine and alive. She sees him as a distraction.


He sees himself not being able to help her.


He is driven to help her. she makes him feel less lonely.


He makes her feel feminine and beautiful. But they each have to do what needs to be done. He has to find his sister. He can’t let himself be happy until he knows his sister is safe.




At the saloon they could have a shootout. She starts fussing about the .


Bd comes after her, angry with her about the way she’s throwing herself into another confrontation. He carries her out.


“You don’t have to keep rescusing me.”


“I’m not goig to leave you to suffer the consequences of your big mouth.”




He pressed her against the wall with his body. “Promise me, you’ll take care of yourself when I’m gone, Camilla.”


“BD, I do what I have to do.”


He makes love to her.

What’s your favorite type of hero?

There are certain tried and true tropes for romance heroes. The Bad Boy or Troubled Hero is one of my favorites. Of course, there are many varieties of that. No one can say romance novels are all the same with the infinite possibilities of combinations. Here are some I’ve identified. Can you come up with more? Let me know in the comments section and I’ll keep updating the list. Also, if you have a title that fits the model, please let us know!libraryshelves.jpg

Warriors and Killers

  • Assassin
  • Modern soldier (SEAL, SWAT)
  • Historical soldier
  • Futuristic Soldier
  • Invisible Man type/disavowed spy or killer

Inner Torment

  • Widower/tormented hero
  • Made huge, damaging mistake in the past
  • Abusive childhood
  • Wrongly accused/convicted (trying to right a wrong)
  • Physically damaged or handicapped
  • Mind problems (like amnesia, PTSD, bipolar, etc)

Lawman or protector

  • Policeman
  • Historical lawman (sheriff, marshal, etc)
  • Fireman or other dangerous job (like first responders)
  • Private investigator (could be professional detective or not)
  • Professional investigator (detective, CSI, etc)
  • Bodyguard/Protector
  • Spy


  • Criminal (thief, con artist, etc)
  • Kidnapper
  • Pirate
  • Gunslinger
  • Recluse/hermit (by his own choice)
  • Outcast (from society)
  • Seducer/womanizer

Man of Power

  • Head of state (Royalty, president, premier, etc.)
  • Nobility (duke, count, marquis, compte, etc.)
  • Mega wealthy lifestyle
  • Corporate raider

Everyday Guy

  • Blue collar rough guy(works with his hands and body)
  • Biker or wanderer
  • White collar professional (doctor, lawyer, journalist, scientist, etc.)
  • Cowboy

Extraordinary Guy

  • Performing artist
  • Athlete
  • Genius
  • Genetically-enhanced or altered hero (powers are not magical but scientific)


  • Vampire
  • Shape shifter
  • Demon or Angel
  • Sorcerer/Wizard/Magician
  • Other mythical being
  • Other paranormal creature

Science fiction

  • Apocalyptic/dystopian survivor
  • Time-Traveler
  • Superhero (caped crime fighter with powers)
  • Psychic/Telekinetic Abilities
  • Time travel
  • Steampunk
  • Space traveler
  • Alien species


  • Viking
  • Highlander
  • Regency
  • Medieval


  • Master or slave