Review of Saga, Vol.1 by by Brian K. Vaughan (Writer), Fiona Staples (Illustrator)



This review is by Elena, an avid reader. I thank her for allowing me to use her review. Please join us both on Goodreads.


Elena says:

4.5 stars. This book is so cool.

I am pretty picky about my graphic novels, but this one kind of knocked my socks off. So many enjoyable characters! So many delicious tensions! So much humor! So much danger! New parents (in a loving but relatively new relationship) on the run with their baby! Alien lords with televisions for heads! Assassins with cats who can tell when you’re lying (okay, maybe there’s just one assassin with one cat)!

Parts of this book were laugh-out-loud funny, parts were gasp-worthy, parts were touching, and parts were quite frankly more disturbing than I signed up for (WTF weirdly graphic, drug-haze-like brothel scene? I never want to see that many illustrations of penises in one 3-page scene again).

Really my only downside (apart from all the penises) is that it was over in just a couple hours. I am so excited for volume 2 I can hardly stand it, but once I breeze through that one in a single sitting, I will be dying waiting for volume 3, since none of the issues have even been released yet. DYING, I TELL YOU.

If you’re a graphic novel reader who appreciates some fine, fine science fantasy, you will almost certainly adore this as much as I do.


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